Manucurist - Green - top coat

Manucurist - Green - top coat Thumb_Manucurist - Green - top coat

Manucurist - Green - top coat

The top coat ensures tip-top shine and lasting colour protection.

Its formula comprises 84% natural plant-based ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat. We especially use cotton-based nitrocellulose, for truly planet-friendly polish production!

2.990 kr.

Vörunúmer: Man-202024

Our Green nail polish is vegan, 9-free and cruelty-free! 
It contains up to 84% natural ingredients. The remaining percentages ensure that our products retain their intense colour and shine while still being healthy and kind to the environment. And Yuka loves green!

Green is kind to your nails and the environment.
Bio-sourced, non-toxic nail polish made in France: a great reason to be cheerful!